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Splay is an audio player, primarily for console use. It works on Linux systems, currently, and although it is likely that it can be ported to other similar unix systems, it has not been tested (as far as I know).

It is written in C++ and uses the mpegsound library, the code for the actual interface to this library is not that large (approx 450 lines).

Splay plays MPEG-1 layer 1,2,3 and MPEG-2 layer 3.

WWW Streaming is supported, (e.g. http://www.foo-bar.org/some/kind_of.mp3).

ID3 tags version 1 & 2 supported by external id3 library id3lib (optional)

There is both a command line program and a gui available for splay. The gui is written with QT, it's by no means as attractive as XMMS, but it does exist if you want it.


The author of splay is Woo-jae Jung <jwj95@nownuri.net>, but he is not to be found, so I have taken over maintaininership.


In and

In 0.9.5

In 0.9.4

In 0.9.3

In 0.9.2

In 0.9.1

In 0.9


version - gzipped tarball
Brians release:
version 0.8.3 - gzipped tarball
See what's available at


To Brian Russo for setting this page up, and handing it over to me.

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